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USAI Brochure

To promote the safe, integrated and effective use of unmanned systems in air, ground and water for both military and civilian environment in India.


To engage in activities aimed at uniting all individuals and private and government organisations concerned with design, research & development, manufacture, sales and operations of Unmanned Systems (US) in India.

To conduct, manage, promote, maintain, administer with a view to uphold in the Indian national interest all activities connected with unmanned systems.

To educate people interested in unmanned systems with an intent to make them realize the benefits of this technology in both the civilian and defence applications.

To use the best available scientific knowledge and advancing that knowledge where we can.

To work to develop the unmanned systems industry in India by

i) protecting the interests of unmanned systems agencies/organizations/individuals.

ii) promoting and executing sustainable approaches to the use of unmanned systems.

iii) implementing more efficient uses of resources and technology and the maximum reduction of pollution caused due to improper utilization of unmanned systems.

Why join USAI?

Join the Unmanned Systems Association of India for following reasons:
• A professional platform for manufacturers and operators
• Prolific and positive interaction with civil, commercial and military manufacturers and operators in the unmanned systems industry in India
• To form a recognized voice for the unmanned systems industry in India with bureaucratic and other regulators.

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