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USAI Brochure

In September 2012 when key individuals from Unmanned Flying Machines (UFM) Magazine & Glorod Avionics Private Limited (GAPL) recognized that the Indian unmanned systems industry did not have a collective voice or representative in its interface with the Indian Government and the regulators, they were inspired to form an association for this purpose. Thus in January 2013, Unmanned Systems Association of India (USAI) was registered (Regn: No.: EKM/TC/7/2013) as a Society as per the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955. USAI intends to promote the safe, integrated and effective use of unmanned systems for air, ground and water in both military and civilian environments in India with a view for supporting Regulations, Certifications, Training and Operations of Unmanned Systems (US).
USAI intends to create a network for the following in India:

• Unmanned Systems frame constructors
• Unmanned Systems payload and systems manufacturers
• Unmanned Systems data capture and processing services
• Unmanned Systems trainers, and
• Unmanned Systems operators

Much like the civilian manned aerospace world, there are constructors and operators and these two different entities have to work together to satisfy the regulators that unmanned vehicle operations are safe, integrated and effective. The Association's role is to interface with government and the regulators ensuring that the industry's perspectives, objectives and views are put forward in a constructive manner at the highest possible lobbying point. It also seeks to promote those companies and organizations who are members within the framework of the industry and to address the issues currently facing the industry on a collective basis.


USAI seeks to represent the Indian unmanned systems industry in its interface with the Indian Government, the Indian airspace regulators, other unmanned vehicle associations, aerospace agencies, unmanned systems trade associations, interested bodies and lastly but by no means the least important, the general public.

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