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Membership Form

USAI Brochure

The Association welcomes members from all across India. Large corporations to individuals, with an active interest in Unmanned Systems and for the development of opportunities to use these systems for the overall benefit of mankind. The concerns of Individuals are valued as much as that of large corporations within the Association.

Following form the categories of membership:


Both students and teachers come under this category with a valid institutional identity. The membership fee for this category is Rs. 250. They will have access to the following:

(i) Representation of student projects at various events associated with USAI.

(ii) Updates on industry news.


This is a general catorgory in which anyone can join the association with a valid identity. The fee in this category is Rs. 1000. They will have access to the following:

(i) All benefits of an academic member.

(ii) Representation as Delegate at various events associated with USAI. (Right to approve as delegate rests with the committee)

(iii) Discounts in participation at various events of USAI


This is a corporate and fund raiser category mainly inviting members from corporate sector and unmanned systems industry with capacity to fund the organsation for survival and promote the industry as mentioned in the mission statement. A minimum amount of Rs. 10,000 is to be paid to become a PLATINUM MEMBER. Members will have access to the following:

(i) All benefits of a premium member.

(ii) Present papers on their products.

(iii) Display products and services in events by USAI.

(iv)  Free link with advertisement in the USAI website.


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